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All college and university students at some point receive a task to prepare a qualitative research proposal, which might turn out quite a challenge for those, who are not familiar with this type of writing. The purpose of such assignments is to help professors evaluate the writing skills of students as well as to see how well they understand a topic. If you face difficulties while working on this task, do not be disappointed – it really is complicated and requires advanced writing and research skills. Besides, if you do not understand the research methods, it will also be hard for you to complete the assignment.

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Now, if you would like to broaden your knowledge of research proposal writing, start by reading the definition of this paper type. A research proposal is a paper that intends to convince readers about the importance of your project. They also have to explain how exactly you are planning to implement the project. Also, a research proposal should explain why your project is good and how it contributes to the studies that have been done before.

Note that the formal aspects of such papers matter, as well, so pay attention to the structure of your paper as well as to grammar, formatting, citations, and so on. A carelessly written proposal is at risk of being rejected at once.

The content of a research proposal should cover such aspects as:

  • Aims and objectives
  • The significance of the project
  • An overview of the previous research in this field
  • Methodology
  • Expected results

The Basic Parts of a Research Proposal

Each of the pieces of information mentioned above should belong to particular sections, which is why it is important to know the parts of a research proposal.

The title page should include the title, naturally. It has to be concise but informative at the same time.

An abstract is the first section of the paper. It has to be between 150-250 words and it should briefly outline the main ideas and findings of your research.

The introduction section consists of a concise overview of the topic and your project, including your interest in this research, the goals you were pursuing, etc.

Literature review, a.k.a. Theoretical Context, is a section that summarizes the information you obtained while doing the research into the theory related to your topic. This section aims at demonstrating that you are competent enough to conduct the research. It also should identify the gaps in the existing knowledge in a way that explains the importance of additional research, including yours.

Research question(s) or goals section explains what exactly you want to study. This section outlines the focus of your research.

Methodology should be described in the next section. Explain in detail how exactly you will undertake the research. Will you conduct interviews? An experiment? Will you observe the participants? More importantly, you should justify the choice of methodology. Also, be sure to describe the materials and resources that will be needed for the research. Note that research that includes human subjects must get the approval of the Institutional Review Board.

Conclusion is the last part of the paper. In this section, you should finish the discussion by bringing your ideas together and explaining the value of your project. Draw a connection between the topic and your learning goals or future research interests.

Bibliography goes after the main components of research proposal writing. Include all the sources you used for the research.

Some research proposals also have appendices. This section includes the information that is relevant to the study but does not belong in the main body, for example:

  • Timeline. Use a table or a bullet list to create your project timeline, indicate when each phase will start and end.
  • Past experience. Sometimes it is suitable to describe your previous experience to show why you are competent to conduct this project. For example, you might create a table that has such columns as “Class experience,” “Relevant Skills,” and “Outcome.”
  • Budget. Pay particular attention to this section if your project has to be funded. Calculate the expenses and describe the resources and materials needed to carry out your project. For example, you might need to rent a lab, buy tickets to another city, rent some technology, etc.

If you do not have an eye for detail, it is better to seek research proposal writing help.

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