Jazz and Its Impact

Date: Nov 23, 2018
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Jazz and Its Impact on European Classical Music

Frank A. Salamone provided citations about the positivity and negativity of Jazz during the golden age of primitivism. He also wanted to honor the artists from the country where the art originated. There had been conflicts about the authenticity of its musical art. In his article he attempted to bridge the gap between the primitive art of jazz and the cultivated version of it. He also explained how it elevated the composition skills of the musicians at that time when jazz became an addition to their genre. Jazz had a great influence on a lot of classical musicians. The ownership of this glamorous style of music became a concern since jazz had been renowned as another break-through that lifted the music’s leverage to greater heights. Salamone indicated in his article that the prospective original practitioners of jazz are Africans. It has been noted that the authenticity of African jazz had projected more genuine emotion when it was adjoined to the European side. However, it has been a complex supposition considering that Africans were victims of illogical discrimination during that time. Other musicians believed that it was created and practiced by the Europeans. The matter at hand had to be placed in to a serious calibration and the arbitration favored the African-American from Southern United States of America.

The primitive conception of the authenticity of jazz was contradicted by Andre Hodeir. He exclaimed that Jazz is a collaboration of all elements. Diversity made the whole concept of Jazz more glamorous and a lot of people started to acknowledge the beauty of its concepts. Some did not appreciate the ideology and conceptualization of jazz at first because of its sensuality but it did not take long for them to accept and embrace this art. The Americans’ acceptance of Jazz is motivated by this quote “The teaching of jazz is not only the right but the duty of every up-to-date musical institution”. It is a quote found in Salamone’s article. It helped every musician to breathe a new life into their traditional musical art. Considering that European Jazz was referred to as inauthentic, it motivated their musicians to be more innovative and they have revitalized Jazz to tailor-fit it to the European culture. The end result of understanding the significance of improvisation in Jazz was a glamorous success for the European Jazz.

Strengths of Salamone’s Article

The mission of Frank A. Salamone’s article is to unify the ideology of all musicians about the existence of Jazz. It dwells about the reluctance and acceptance of classical composers towards its musical concepts. It also tried to illustrate the advantages of Jazz in the modernization and elevation of traditional music. People could see the bigger picture in terms of the chronology of music’s evolution with the influence of Jazz and it also reiterated about the authenticity of its existence. This article lures more musically inclined citizens to listen to Jazz after learning the history and components of this passionate art. Musicians now have additional repertoire in their arsenal since they can compose new songs with sensual ideas in it. Songs can now be a combination of melodramatic and sensual themes.

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Salamone’s assertion made us understand and debriefed everyone, not only musicians about the true meaning of Jazz in our musical life. The purity of his thoughts about the subject justifies his love for music and would or could serve as an inspiration to people who love to listen. More clarification is given to enlighten our thoughts about our perception of Jazz, and it is implied that music is continually evolving and nothing can stop its revitalization. After reading his article we will conceive a better impression about Jazz and it can change us in a very positive way.

The implication of his article that captured most of my attention is the idea of setting off boundaries not just in terms of music, but also in the perspective of race. Music is the true universal language and it rejuvenates our souls and humanity.

Weaknesses of the Article

Analytical readers would not have predicaments in comprehending the subject matter but I am concerned about the other readers who have lower level of comprehension. It could be better if it the usage of terminologies had been simplified for the sake of the younger interested readers. I am not in the right position to question Salamone’s style of article construction because I loved reading this article. My concern is extended to those young music lovers who are inclined to learn about the history of Jazz. Another notable weakness is the absence of visible advocacy. It takes a profound thinker to extract the valuable ideas from this article. His article about Jazz revolves around the ideas of other scholars in their respected endeavor; maybe he will receive more recognition for his work if he could have shared his own analogy about the impact of Jazz on European classical music. He could have tackled about the resolution of the classical composers on the cultivation of Jazz in his personal perspective. Nevertheless, my suggested remarks bear no intention to depreciate the intellectual pursuits or ideals of the writer.

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