Geography of Europe

Date: Jul 8, 2019

Europe is the second smallest of the six continents. It is sometimes referred to as Europa in some texts. It is further defined as Peninsula. The continent is made of jointed islands and is surrounded by water on three sides making it an island itself. The continent is a part of the original Eurasian continent according to geologists. The continent is said to have separated from Africa and shifted north. It is surrounded by Arctic and Atlantic oceans in the north and west respectively while the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian seas are found in the southern part. The features are a result of diverse and opposing geographical forces leaving attractive and influencing features on the face of the earth.

Europe is further described and seen as the place of origin of the western civilization. This is considered one of the best preserved and referred human geography treasures of the continent. Such activities such as domestication of animals, industrialization, ship and boat building among others stated in Europe (Tiersky & Jones 5-40). The most notable features of the European continent are its weather, soils, minerals, and the human culture. The human culture is, however, shaped by the physical geography. These features have come into existence as a result of different geographical activities and forces that led to the formation of a unique landscape and geographical features. These forces include weathering which has led to soil formation, folding and volcanism to form mountains and water basins as well as minerals (Fingleton 100-104).

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Another very important geographical feature of Europe is the weather that varies from season to season. The weather has had a great influence on the economic, social, and cultural orientation of people. It has made them change their mode of dressing over time, feeding habits, and form of association. Combination of all these factors has made Europe admired by many continents due to its diverse geographical forces and the resultant features (Tiersky & Jones 5-40).

Is European Geography Interesting?

Geography of Europe and its geographic features are rather interesting and worth studying and understanding. The physical and cultural geographical features are a force to reckon not just in Europe but beyond where this phenomenon has been imported influencing the way of life. Artifacts and industrial geographical features of Europe are vivid all over the world. They include arts such as ship and boat building, long distance trading as well as arms and war implements manufacture. They have also led to the development of industries and allied economic bars. The culture and the industrial nature of the Europeans is interesting as it was founded on the environment and the general surrounding. The presence of iron in areas such as the Ruhr region of German led to the growth and development of industries in the area. This geographical force is interesting in the way it changes and influences human lives (Gaile & Willmott 680-685). Other geographical features that led to the change of human lives include the existence of massive water bodies that made people in the region adopt water transport; also, frost during the winter season made people build their houses to fit these conditions. Finally, different types of soil led to the production of different kinds of crops thus altering and influencing the feeding habits of people.

Why It Is Interesting?

The physical and human geographical features are interesting as they give insight into how environment influences human life and general setting of running affairs of the people. In Europe, geographical forces and their resultant features led to the change in the way people live, associate, and manage their daily routine. This helps to understand why it is important to have a suitable environment and adapt to it making the best of it. It also shows how adaptable to the current environment the human being is. Generally, the environment is very important, and preserving it will give many benefits ensuring a better life for all generations.

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