President Barack Obama

Date: Sep 6, 2019

Barrack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America, was born on August the 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, in place known as Hawaii. He is the first African American president and is currently serving his second term as a president. Barrack Obama graduated from Harvard law school and Columbia University, and became the leader of Harvard law review. He was also a community organizer and the civil right champion in Chicago. The president became a lecturer of the constitutional law in Chicago, where he was working from 1992 till 2007. Later, from 1997 till 2004, Barrack Obama was a senator in Illinois where he served three consecutive terms. He began his presidential campaign on Democratic ticket defeating Hillary Clinton on primary campaigns before winning the presidential campaign against John McCain (the Republican Party). This man won the Nobel Prize for being a peace initiator. He won the second term as the USA president, defeating Mitt Romney and sworn in January 2013. Barack Obama has demonstrated strong positive characteristics that have enabled him to stand and be successful in ruling the United States of America (Baumann, 2009).

He is an eloquent speaker and is verbally assertive: Barrack Obama is fluent in spoken English which enables him to present his ideas with a lot of courage and confidence. As a leader, he has spoken of what he feels right without the fear of public ridicule or criticism.

Understanding: A leader has to ensure that he understands the kind of people he leads, because it is through good cordial relationship with them that will enable one to succeed. Barrack Obama has realized that he gets his job done through the citizens of America, thus he developed a social understanding in order to cater for their needs.

Charismatic leader: A leader is supposed to be loved and liked by people whom he leads. Obama is lovable by what he has done for the American people like killing the greatest enemy and terrorist Osama Bin Laden, and passed many policies that are meant to be of great usefulness to the people of America like the health policy.

Brave/courageous: Barrack Obama stands for what he thinks is right and should be done for the American citizens. He has stood for policies that have met a lot of opposition from the congress.

Visionary: Barrack Obama looks in the future and considers a way to make the life of America citizen better, for instance, the health policy was meant to help in making health sector affordable to all. His determination of the future has also enabled him to achieve a lot in life: from being a leader in Harvard University to being a senator of Illinois, and finally ending up as the president of America because he was focused and determined.

Intelligent: Barrack Obama is intellectual, it is evident from his academic records. He was among the top performers in Harvard University where he was studying law. His work as a constitutional lawyer was also successful, because he is clever.

Inspirational leader: He convinces and motivates the people of America to work hard in order to raise their living standards and, thus, boost the US economy.

Diplomatic leader: Barrack Obama has created a good relationship with other nations sustaining the import and export of goods and services between America and other countries. He strongly believes that United States of America cannot move forward alone, but need the support of other nations to sustain even the world business.

Caring family man: Obama has a stable nuclear family with two daughters. He has been able to manage in sustaining peace and love among his family; it enables him to be seen as a role model when it comes to marriage. He cares and loves his family.


Barrack Obama has been successful in running America as a president because of his good leadership qualities. All leaders need to emulate him and possess that ethos to be good and successful leaders. He has been able to demonstrate himself as an inspirited, caring, charismatic, brave and eloquent speaker.

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