Date: Oct 25, 2018

Philosophy Is One of Sciences of the Modernity

Nowadays, it is possible to enumerate plenty of different sciences, which aim to explain the natural and social phenomena. All of them possess certain objects, categories and subjects. However, such a great variety of sciences is the achievement of the recent centuries. In the ancient times, the only science, dwelling on the phenomena of the objective world was philosophy. It combines the terminology and objects, peculiar to the modern psychology, physics, astronomy, esthetics, ethics and many others. Still, philosophy itself has not stooped its existence. It continues to develop new concepts and approaches, which deal with the unknown matters and issues. What is more, philosophy still remains one of the most important sciences of the modernity.

Many philosophers dwelled their ideas on the part of the philosophy in the life of humans. It is a crucial aspect as every science should contribute firstly to the well-being of people and their lives. Thus, the research of the role of philosophy is an actual topic. B. Russel explained it in the following manner; he supposed that the main task of philosophy is the investigation of the universe and its elements. In other words, Russel did not concentrate on the private life of individuals and their self-development. On the contrary, he believed that it is much more important to analyze the outside world and objective reality.

The Value of Philosophy

The value of philosophy, according to B. Russel, consists in its relativeness. Philosophy does not give absolute answers, but just presupposes the existence of certain regularities. The absoluteness is the prerogative of the natural sciences with a clearly set categorical apparatus.

Therefore, it can be concluded that B. Russel focused his attention on the relative nature of the philosophy in the lives of humans. I believe it is the right approach, which teaches us to pay attention to the external events and phenomena. Russel does not claim a Man to be the center of the universe. Such an approach contributes to the development of the self-responsibility and care.


The question about the role of philosophy also interested ancient philosophers. For example, Plato developed his concept of the role of a philosopher in a myth about the cave. According to this legend, we can observe people, living in a dark cave without any possibilities to come out of it. They can notice only shadows of the passing traders and travelers. At the same time, everyone is afraid to go out and experience something new. One man decides to try himself in this challenge and see the world. He is surprised to realize that they knew nothing about the reality, all that time. He returns and tells everyone about his discovery. However, the rest does not listen to them and continue to exist in the darkness.

Obviously, the meaning of the legend is metaphorical and allegorical. On one hand, it describes the type of the state. However, it also shows the kind of a philosopher. Plato believed that the part of the philosopher is to discover new things and explain them to other people. However, these explanations should be easy to perceive and understand. In this myth, we can see that the philosopher did not manage to persuade people to come out of the cave. It means that his mission was not fulfilled.

In other words, Plato wanted to show that philosophy should be useful for people and bring some positive changes in their lives. I suppose that this idea can be successfully implemented in the modern world. Contemporary philosophy should not be remote from the humans’ lives and suggest some ideas in order to satisfy their requirements and interests.

Socrates’ Concepts

It is important to mention that not only particular issues, problems and doctrines can contribute to the development of the philosophy as a science; the behavior of the great philosophers can also serve as an example to follow. One of such examples is the life of Socrates. It is another ancient philosopher known due to the works of his students. In fact, Socrates did not leave any written notes about his own philosophy. Thankfully, we can learn them from the notes of his students, one of which was Plato. In fact, there are some written sources, which provide the Socrates’ concepts, ideas and even biographical data.

Story About the Last Days of Socrates

One of the events, worth paying attention to is the story about the last days of Socrates. According to Plato, Socrates was an influential personality in Greek politics of that time. He played an important role in the political life of Athens. However, very often, his expressions and opinions were rather drastic and abrupt. It made other politicians think over his deportation. Nevertheless, Socrates did not agree on leaving his native city. As a result, he was imprisoned and poisoned. However, till the end of his days, he was surrounded by his friends and pupils, who came to listen to his advice and thoughts.

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We can see that it is a very dedicated and brave behavior. Socrates considered deportation to be a worse punishment than the death. I think that many contemporary citizens can follow this example and love and be dedicated and grateful to their countries. In addition, Socrates wanted to show that that task of every person living in a society is to pay plenty of efforts in order to improve his or her country and make it a better place.

Improving Life

Jiddu Krishnamurti suggested the other way of improving life of separate individuals and the whole country as well. The secret consists in a proper education. Education provides people with many opportunities, makes them free and independent as well as broadens minds and gives new explanations to the familiar things. In fact, the benefits of education are enormous. Only intelligent nation can contribute to the amplifying and improving of the country. Thus, we can see that the relevant and profound knowledge is of great value for any country. It is the right chance of improving the living conditions.

In addition, proper education is a cure against violence, oppression, aggression and other negative outcomes. Therefore, every country should make its education system clear, fair and accessible for every citizen. I suppose that such a strategy is beneficial for every country. For example, The US is currently suffering from a lack of professional staff. There are plenty of working places, while the amount of skilled workers tends to decrease. In this case, it is appropriate to mention about the philosophy of Jiddu Krishnamurti, because only prolific knowledge and experience can contribute to the development of the state.

Furthermore, we should not forget about the importance of justice and law in the social life. Martin Luther King profoundly investigated this question. He believed that justice and fairness are the key points, leading to the reduction of violence, crimes and other outbursts of deviations in the behavior. “The Letters from Birmingham jail” support this concept as well as the idea of the uselessness of racism.

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To sum up, the development of the philosophy is closely connected with the evolution of humanity. It reveals important aspects of the social and individual life, at every stage of the history. I believe that every philosophical approach helps to understand the peculiarities of the humans’ behavior and interrelations. From this point of view, it is essential to study philosophy and discover its regularities. In fact, the study of different philosophical issues and doctrines considerably helps to understand the nature of human behavior in society.

Philosophy Tends

Similarly, we cannot say that philosophy tends to discover some abstract and unknown phenomena. Although, some philosophical concepts may seem incomprehensible and difficult for understanding, they always refer to the analysis of the natural world. Thus, it definitely contributes to the study of the individuals and the society.

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