Response for Movie "Crash"

Date: Jan 14, 2019

Movie "Crash"

It is believed that Oscar is given only to the heartrending dramas on current issues – war, cruelty of modern society, homosexuality and racism. Racism is a theme that is now becoming relevant all over the world. And at first sight it seems that "Crash" is actively exploiting this topic. However, do not jump to conclusions.

Interracial collisions are relevant for America as for no other country else. This theme has no intention to outlive itself. Moreover, more and more new films are raising the issue of inter-ethnic relations. However, wrong is the one who thinks that the case is in skin color or race. ‘The human tolerance’ – that is the main theme of the Paul Haggis’ film "Crash". "Crash" is a simple, uncomplicated view on the surrounding reality. No moralizing, no pressure on the viewer. No trickery and excesses; the film clearly shows the world that is around us and that is within us. Also, it was very interesting to watch the film with a diverse group of students because at a certain point each of them finds something close to themselves; it was clear from the expressions on their faces. As for myself, I did the following conclusions.

To my mind, all we need to understand in this film is that we should all be support to each other, ready to help those in need of our help, to be closer to each other, to try to quell the raging somewhere in the mind of misanthrope or xenophobe that is hiding behind the mask of an ardent internationalist. The excitement of the masses and public policy judgments will not help in a situation, where health and life of a person are at stake. There is no difference whether a black man helped to the white or vice versa because nobleness and braveness have no skin color. Certainly, the authors of the film wanted to show us that in times of trouble all the usual stereotypes are erased and replaced by others, the ones that would be difficult to imagine in a normal situation. The main thing is to be able to give a helping hand and stop all the hate. It is really important to take thought about the relationship to people, to renounce the stereotypes and prejudices, and to understand that only in this way we have the right to be called noble people, and only then the world will become cleaner and brighter, and then we will be able to live in harmony with the surrounding world.

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A lot of story lines intersected in unexpected ways, and each of their intersections enters deeper into my soul without leaving me indifferent until the very last scene. After watching the film I have started to treat people differently because behind of the sudden outbreak of wanton aggression personal tragedy may stand. Characters of "Crash" intersect with each other in different situations; each of them finds diametrically opposite properties of its nature, which he or she even could not have imagined. Everything is changing depending on the circumstances, when generosity and dedication come to the place of cruelty and cynicism. Conversely, fear and resentment are killing the integrity and honesty.


After watching the film, different thoughts come to mind; for example, that flaws and defects are living in every person. It is a disease generated by life and social relations, as they inevitably lead to a conflict of interest. The one thinks he or she does not get the disease of society; the one thinks he or she is good and unspoiled person. But the reality is different. We all live in a society, and a society enters and permeates us, infecting us with vices: xenophobia, racism, nationalism, class and clan prejudice, indifference and apathy. And no one knows when these demons will get out of people.

In this response paper about movie "Crash" i want say what all of us, regardless of skin color, experience the same feelings: joy, sadness, anguish of loneliness and the pain of loss. And each of us was broken at least once, unable to bear the pressure of overflowing emotions. Perhaps it is worth to show a little more attention to the people around us, no matter what nationality or race they are. Attention to people is a trifle, but at the critical moment it may help avoid a crash.

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