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Date: Nov 3, 2017
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The Film Something Borrowed

The film Something Borrowed was released in 2011. It was based on the book Something Blue by Emily Giffin. Something borrowed is a comedy of love and marriage. Many things that happen in the film are ironical. The storywriter came up with a script that not only entertains but makes the audience hold its breadth, wondering what will happen next. A large part of the audience may feel that although the story ends with a happy ending, it created unending tension. The script writer must have anticipated this and saw it necessary to introduce conflict and then a resolution. The film begins with Rachel, for lack of self-confidence, allowing Darcy to steal Dex from her. Rachel and Darcy had been childhood friends and went to the same schools. However, Rachel was temporarily separated from Darcy when she joined a law school. While in law school, she meets Dex and they secretly fall in love with each other though they never spoke about their feelings. They however talked about everything else. Their naivety is exposed in a way that is hilarious and captivating. A part of the audience may think that Rachel and Dex do not deserve to be together since their relationship is a convenient one. However, the affair is as a result of accumulation of tension about a chance that Rachel and Dex may lose forever.

Beginning of the Film

At the beginning of the film, Darcy and Dex are engaged. It is very ironical that Dex, who should be married in sixty days, starts a wild love affair with Rachel, Darcy’s best friend. The intense affair starts almost by accident, like in all love stories. It starts when Dex returns to collect Darcy’s purse; she had forgotten it after Rachel’s birthday, which she organized to her surprise, was over. He takes her out for a drink and Rachel confesses to having feelings for him.

The Love Triangle Stories

The best love triangle stories have a wacky character among the three characters (Scott, 2011). Darcy is always portrayed as a wild character and as a go-getter. She always has ideas of parties and successfully organizes her friends in several parties. She is also portrayed as a dominant person, and likes to appear that way. For instance, towards the end of the film, she says that she cancelled the wedding but later admits that Dex actually did it. Sometimes, she talks her friends into doing what she wants. She also likes to be at the center of attraction. Why would she spend most of Rachel’s birthday party time on talking about her life and her wedding? She also comes out as someone who will do whatever it takes to keep her pride intact. For example, Ethan disputes her admission to Notre Dame. The audience can partly be made to believe that her go-getter attitude causes her to steal Dex from Rachel.

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Darcy is the character who makes the film a success. While she portrays some negative mentioned characteristics, she is a likable character who enjoys life and reaches up to friends. Something borrowed compensates for the blandness of both Rachel and Dex by supplying them with the wild Darcy. She is a whirlwind of harsh vulgarity but she has good humor and unembarrassed energy. Her awful apprehensiveness makes the movie look like a real comedy. It is comical how both Darcy and Dex feel that they have major differences in terms of preference for a life partner yet they continue with their wedding plans. It shows that such people are indecisive and confused about the direction they should take of their lives. Darcy does not like to listen. Rather, she likes to talk a lot. This makes it difficult for her to know about the events around her and helps push the film to the end.

Hazy Intention to be Funny

There are many episodes where lesser characters are allowed to be set up as signifiers of a hazy intention to be funny. For example, Marcus used a childhood story to pick up or impress all ladies. He tried to impress Rachel with the story. Claire desperately pursues Ethan though he does not like her. Ethan tells her that he is gay to frustrate her efforts. She is oblivious of the clues to the extent that Ethan has to spell it out for her. He desperately tries to maintain a cool-guy likability status. He is very supportive of Rachel, comforting and advising her when she is sad or angry.

Rachel learns that Darcy is cheating on Dex but she does not tell her. She later says that she wants to be picked as a first choice but not through default. The movie seems to be telling the audience that most love triangle stories thrive on the fact that genuine affairs work out well for persons who are well-matched with each other; that they end up together. Rachel and Dex end up together and so do Marcus and Darcy. The movie is based on a story that involves two best friends and in a way reveals an admirable tendency to delve into prickly thickets of female friendship. Women can be supportive of each other until they have interest in the same man. When this happens, their friendship is greatly threatened. The friendship can be continued though without ending the lasting tension. The film also reveals that women can keep secrets for a long time. However, the offending woman may be too guilty of wrongdoing that she feels the urge to expose herself and then seek forgiveness. There are times when Rachel is so close to exposing her secrets to Darcy but Darcy makes her conclusions, making her to postpone telling her.

The Subject of Marriage

The subject of marriage is highlighted in a humorous rhythm. Many ironical things such as Dex sleeping with Rachel, and Darcy sleeping with Marcus, happen two months to a much publicized wedding. The film manages to expose contrast of opinions over love triangles. Ethan encourages Rachel to pursue the success of her relationship with Dex but Dex’s father is totally against it, saying, “It’s not the kind of people we are.”

The movie reveals that some people in society are just deceptive but appear to charm many people, who are unaware of their faults. Darcy is portrayed as one such person. The only people who secretly know her faults are Rachel and Ethan. Deceptive people try their best to justify their actions. However, when they are involved in guilt-causing situations, they become helpless and lack confidence in what they are doing. After Darcy sleeps with Marcus, she seeks Rachel’s opinion, asking whether she should still marry Dex.

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The movie reveals many helpless situations when persons in a love triangle feel helpless about their situations, sometimes making them take different positions over the best course of action. The Ethan character is used to take us from Rachel’s self pity situations. He demands that she tell Darcy about what is going, saying, “I don’t get it how you let her win all the time.” He urges her to confront Dex and make him take a stand over her intact plans to still get married. Dex is conflicted about cancelling the wedding, something that has lately made his sick mother to be extremely happy. His character is used to represent many men in society who will not make a decision until it is too late.

The end of the Movie

The love triangle ends with a saucy twist. It ends well for both Rachel and Darcy. They end up with the person they are well-matched with. There is a saucy twist when we realize that Darcy is not conflicted about Rachel, her childhood friend, and her fiancée sleeping together. After their break-up, Darcy is happy that Rachel found her life partner. Darcy also accepts Marcus as her life partner though Marcus seems to have a wild character. Towards the end, the audience is almost led to believe that Dex’s actions are after justified simply because Darcy is pregnant with Marcus’s child.

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