The Vampire Diaries

Date: Dec 7, 2018
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Television creates a world of alternative reality. Today it is a form of interaction and source of information. Nowadays, influence of a media on people’s lives is enormous. It is both an entertaining and learning experience. “The Vampire Diaries” is one of the most popular entertaining series on TV. It is both fictional and realistic. Today very few shows educate young adults on morality of life choices. However, the show “The Vampire Diaries” does so. Personal stories of the main characters question the values of today. Also, it shows the importance of love, fragile nature of truth, blurry line between good and bad.

Despite a large variety of teenage shows, “The Vampire Diaries” has a very broad audience. It is due to the fact that series are both realistic and fantastic. The story is a perfect mixture of intrigue, romance, history, and philosophy. It questions a great number of timeless truths. The life of main characters is surrounded by mysterious vampires, murders, love, friendship, magic, and compassion. All these contribute to the whole picture of a successful TV show.

In order to see the meaning behind the story, one needs to look beyond the metaphors. The beauty of the fictional part of the show is in its interpretation. A single truth does not exist. One person cannot see the whole picture perfectly well. Therefore, the show is attracting so many people, disputing about the content of the next episodes. Regardless of different opinions, the show is worth watching for the purpose of exploring the mysterious nature of supernatural creatures.

Trending Topic of Vampires

Entertainment shows have many ingredients of success. It usually contains interesting plot, bright characters, and moral dilemmas. Yearly, media industry launches teenage shows that attract millions to TV screens. The most popular shows last for years and develop intriguing storylines. Whenever a story becomes popular, entertainment industry picks up the idea and creates related products. Thus, the vampire topic has been popular for the past several years. It emerged from several book series of different teenage authors. Now, these books are bestsellers, and its screen interpretations are no less popular. In the focus of this paper is a TV show “The Vampire Diaries” that is known to gain an enormous success among the teenage audience. “The Vampire Diaries” gained its popularity among the youth for masterly portraying contemporary issues and following the trending topic of vampires. The show is a fascinating blend of real life romance, fictional evil dominating the town of Mystic Falls, and metaphors of society morals.

It takes some imagination to understand how vampires connect to today’s teenage life. Gothic motives clearly explore the dark side of the human morality. Moreover, in “The Vampire Diaries”, morality is a questionable virtue of the whole community. The series focus around the struggle of young people with evil that surrounds the town and in a way influence everyone’s well-being. The teenage obsession with vampires describes their desire to understand the nature of good and bad. Also, for a young audience, it is an intriguing experience to see the dark side of human nature. In a way, these vampire stories portray the limits of imaginative evils. Supernatural creatures are fictional but never to the extent of non believable characteristics.

For the period of TV series, the vampire topic explores all the related issues. Lifelong struggles, love, friendships are the concerns of all human beings. At the same time, eternal life and loneliness are the curse of vampires. Living in different periods and meeting new people, create an imaginary life that human cannot have. This mysterious and intriguing nature of fictional characters attracts a large audience to watch the show and experience life among supernatural creatures.

Mystic Falls

Tragic events in the town of Mystic Falls and romantic attachments of the main characters make a perfect mix for the teenage audience. Moral hesitations and historical references differentiate “The Vampire Diaries” from other Gothic stories, heavily depicting murders and love stories. Teenage audience can clearly associate itself with the psychological struggle of characters in the show. The story deals with the real life problems of teenagers that in a way create a possibility of a parallel reality.

One of the most obvious attractions of the series is the love triangle between Elena and vampire brothers. Elena is an innocent positive character of the story. She is attracted to Stefan, the good vampire. Clearly this attraction is not coincidental. Stefan is mysterious and mature. He is different from anyone else who surrounds her. Besides, he is more than just a vampire. Stefan denies his evil nature and tries to live in the world as a human being. His love to Elena is a so human, showing the feelings and attachment to a mortal person.

As the series proceed, their attraction appears to be even less accidental. The more historic flashbacks occur in the show, the more their attachment seems to be destined. However, the love story is complicated with the other character who desires Elena. Stefan’s brother, Damon is an evil vampire. He murders innocent people and hates his brother for converting him into a vampire. This hesitation is a related problem to many teenagers. In the show, responsibility and consequences are extremely important matters that change people and relationships. Also, persistence and hope are the changing factors in the lives of the main characters. No wonder that this show is destined to success as it brings up many related issues of the real life.

“The Vampire Diaries” is a peculiar show in its search for the nature of evil. Fictional characters portray qualities of people in day-to-day life. Vampires do not necessarily represent evil but rather an ability to choose of being good or bad. Circumstances of vampire life in Mystic Falls allow them to blend with common people. The vampires have a power to harm and take advantage of the people in town. It is easy to follow how their choices just like in real life lead to certain consequences. No matter how immortal vampire’s nature is, every decision still influences their destiny.

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As the show goes on, it becomes clear how choices affect the storyline of the next episodes. Fortunes and misfortunes of the characters belong to their own decisions. Their lives are much alike to mortal humans, fair portion of good and bad times. The show portrays witches, vampires, and ordinary people. Even though they are all so different, in many ways they are the same. Every creature has its own distinctive qualities, shape, and skills. However, the difference lies in the actions of these people. Thus, it is easy to understand, how background, culture, or social status influence one’s life. It seems that it matters a lot. Real life is full of social attributes that people value. However, as the show proves, these things are minor. Even if it influences people, it does not make them happy.

People have to question the morality of their life choices. Choices produce outcomes, and only then, it is clear, whether it was a good choice or bad. Most of the time, however, people intentionally realize the nature of the choice. Intentionally harmful decisions portray the evil side of a human. Supernatural creatures in the show do not represent evil but rather emphasize insignificance of the external qualities of character. Regardless of the physical qualities of supernatural creatures, evil is the same on the scale of consequences for the action.

Vampires and Supernatural Creatures

In order to understand the motivation of vampires and supernatural creatures, historical references are depicted throughout the series of flashbacks. History is an important part of the show. It emphasizes predisposition of people’s nature but also the importance of the will and character. Thus, Elena and Katherine are two sides of the same person. Katherine is the evil vampire while Elena is a good person who later becomes a vampire. Katherine’s entity is made of revenge, envy, and thirst for blood. It makes her miserable. Elena is in charge of her own destiny, and she never lets her vampire nature dominates her decisions. It makes all the difference. She learns from the history of Katherine and does not allow it to define her. Centuries separate the two characters; however, time has no importance for evil intentions of Katherine.

Ancestors play an important role in the Mystic Falls community. Even though the community is made up of a fictional characters and stories, it reminds of a very close real town. Ancestors pass on their children skills and help them to continue the mysterious lifestyle of the community. Bonnie is one example of such an influence. Her grandmother was a witch and Bonnie inherits her powers. Throughout the show, her grandmother comes back to help or advise her. Many other characters realize how everything in the town of Mystic Falls is connected to the history.

One of the most important historical aspects is family. Its influence on the life of community is enormous. Tragedy in Elena’s family changes her life forever. At the same time, family relations between Damon and Stefan do not seem strong but yet they remain brothers in the most difficult times. Again, “The Vampire Diaries” emphasizes the role of a family in person’s life. It can inspire to preserve the family traditions, bond the brothers closer or make a person want to avoid the same destiny.

Vampires became a part of the popular culture long time ago. From a historical perspective, they describe cruel persons who long for blood. In the contemporary movies and shows, vampires represent a more sophisticated character. They are more of tortured creatures between the world of dead and alive. Vampires portray a dual nature of everything. Good and bad, love and hatred, friendship and duty are reflected in vampires.

Vampires refer to a Gothic romance, however, in this show they rather concentrate on uneasy path of dualism. It is very related and common problem of today’s society. Many members of the Mystic Falls community are torn between their personal and social roles. Vampires perfectly embody this hesitation. Either it is domination of inner desires and their own nature, or a role of a good member of a community. Without a certain level of self-control and discipline, vampires cannot survive among people. Therefore, their metaphorical role in the show is to portray a struggle of a human who is different.

Conforming to society, it is not always easy. A vampire blending with common people shows an extreme personification of non-conformists. Many societies claim to support individualism, yet nobody likes those who are different. Therefore, just like vampires of Mystic Falls, people who value their individualism often remain unnoticed. For vampire, the struggle of being different is a curse. Vampires who aim at being good, feel ashamed of their own nature.

Vampires of Mystic Falls are trying to find their way to live amongst people. The more supernatural creatures are found in Mystic Falls, the easier it is to see parallels with real life qualities of people. Those who persistently act according to their moral beliefs and remain loyal to their friends have no struggle with their conscience. It is more difficult for those who act selfish to find help in difficult times.

“The Vampire Diaries” praise the ability of vampires to be different and yet act well regardless of circumstances. At the same time, the show emphasizes the importance of social duty. Vampires are allowed to live in Mystic Falls only if they protect the town from other supernatural creatures. Moreover, vampires save lives or convert the people into vampires throughout the story.

Despite the metaphorical role of vampires in the show, some qualities that they represent are very human. Vampires in the show fall in love, fight with each other, and even oppose their own nature. For example, Damon has clear characteristics of a self-centered, egoistic person. He is representing qualities that one can easily find in human.

“The Vampire Diaries” is a story of people’s moral choice and responsibility. It has a philosophical insight that attracts rather large audience to watch the show. Vampire’s topic is a trending attraction in a teenage culture, therefore it adds up to the whole popularity of the show. It has a meaningful plot, moral hesitation of human, love story, and a mysterious twist. Watching the show, one cannot easily predict how the story is going to continue.

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The characters of the show contribute to the idea of a human factor. Elena, Damon, and Stefan are involved in a love triangle. Love and attachment are human emotions, and the show gives this attribute to the supernatural creatures. As the story continues, vampires obtain more and more qualities of a human. Stefan, who is more inclined to be passionate and responsible, becomes more human. The more he understands mortality and vulnerability of people, the less he wants to satisfy his desire for blood. Even Damon, falling in love with Elena, becomes less selfish and more caring.

The show portrays humanity of vampires through different life situations. In the absence of naturally human feelings, vampires represent an ability to be kind. Showing humanity in vampires gives a hope that the good still dominates the world. “The Vampire Diaries” is a story of a struggle within the characters. It is a fight of making good decisions, regardless of bad situations. Experiences teach people as well as vampires to disregard the natural inclinations of individuals. The complexity of the twist fully embraces the characters and their destiny. It contributes to morality of the story through the whole diversity.

Everyday, people interact for different purposes. However, in communication, there is a thin line between a pleasant conversation and a burden of duty. Sometimes, politeness gets people involved in tiring interaction. It happens when people aim to confuse the real purpose of the conversation. Harmful communication is known to be more exhausting than physical activity. Often, such experiences leave people without energy and ambitions. Commonly, human tend to call these uneasy communicators, energetic vampires.

Energy is a fuel that motivates people. It is a necessary tool that helps to achieve goals and dreams. Without energy, people do not feel the power to overcome any difficulties and create their own destiny. Therefore, it is a necessary prerequisite of a happy life. Inspiration to live and enjoy the journey called life, one has to be energetic. Energy is a drug that helps to ignore failures and move on.

Traditionally, vampire’s major thirst is related to blood. It feeds their desire for energy and supports their existence. Similarly, human shows desire for energy of other people. Metaphorically speaking, they take the good emotions, memories, and ambitions of the others. Moreover, thirst for energy is not their only goal. Such a communication leaves a person with fears and insecurities. The state in which one starts doubting its own value, friendship, and loyalty.

In the show, the topic of emotional thirst is outlined as an obsession of both human and supernatural creatures. At different times, all characters doubt their own intentions and good nature. However, Damon, Bonnie, Elena and Stefan find their own way through numerous experiences. Regardless of situations, friends seem to be there to help. Likewise, energy vampires, who deprive people of their hopes and good intentions, are very miserable people looking for self-affirmation in someone’s emotions.

In relationships, people sometimes play games. It is a common practice of vampires to play with their victims as well. Games in relationships are painful to one party and entertaining to another. Besides, it is another form of thirst. People play games out of insecurity, desire to harm, or take advantage. Thus, thirst is a search for something that people lack. Vampire is the most obvious representation of this quality. Blood is a drug they need to survive. However, in this show, vampires have a choice of getting blood, harming people or animals. In fact, it is just another challenge of choosing between easy path and a different path.

Realistic Show

“The Vampire Diaries” is an unbelievably realistic show. The show explores the nature of evil and psychology of people’s behavior. It becomes more truthful as the story continues. Clearly fictional characters represent a lot more than a regular community with day to day troubles. Through the eyes of vampires and witches, the audience can see their own choices. In a variety of life experiences, the show allows to live through the fictional life.

People watch TV shows for different reasons. Some look for entertainment, others see a connection to the real life and therefore it allows the audience to relate to the imaginative world. It connects a person to the imaginary reality and distracts from the own. In many regards, the show is an attempt to mask real life situation. Vampires are common people, witches heal and save lives, and ordinary people try to create the best possible destiny.

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