Restaurant Guest Satisfaction

Date: Nov 3, 2017

Customer’s Satisfaction

Customer’s satisfaction has a positive effect on the profitability of a company. Nowadays competitive situation among the restaurants makes it more difficult to keep existing customers and gain new ones. Restaurant customer satisfaction is an incentive of all innovations, where the quality of the service plays a major role as well as the quality of the food.

Menu pricing, promptness of service, décor and atmosphere itself affect restaurant customer satisfaction. Price is a significant deciding factor in customer satisfaction. When customers find the food to be mediocre but costly, their dissatisfaction rises, however, it increases, if the food is relatively cheap but of decent quality. The same with quality of service: the customer expects that full-service restaurants have better menu selection and service than a quick-service restaurant.

Food Innovations

The restaurateurs resort to food innovations to maintain their customers. They create new tastes, new combination of different types of cuisine or ways to present foods. One of the important tactics to appeal restaurant customer is to improve the physical design of the restaurant by making particular style decoration that makes their restaurant an enjoyable and cozy place to eat. Also the quality of the service shows the honorable image of the restaurant because it is the means of promotional and advertising for the important services they provide. Some of the restaurateurs involve hosting food events to make their restaurants as a center of the food scene in the market.  A lot of them are inclined to improve public relations that are called advertising that they do not have pay for.

The importance of different factors of customer satisfaction depends on the style and type of restaurant and the outlook of a particular customer. That is why the most efficient strategy is to make your restaurant differ from the others and create excitement in a way to make your customer satisfied and gain a new one.

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