The Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms

Date: Sep 6, 2019

The GMO is a new organism that contains a gene of another organism in order to improve or change its features or qualities. This abbreviation became notorious during the last century, attracting more and more attention of the scientists and global community. The views on genetic engineering differ since these organisms have numerous advantages as well as disadvantages. Although the influence of the GMO’s is not completely studied and some scientists suggest they are dangerous, the humanity requires the continued development of genetic engineering. The reason is that it has numerous potential benefits necessary for the successful future.

Since its foundation, the GMO got a lot of critics as far as the inserted genes can have an unpredictable effect on the consumers. Mainly, the potential negative consequences concern human health. Thus, the health hazards include allergic reactions, gluten-related disorders, increase of toxicity in genetically modified plants, and dangerous side effects.

However, the GMO’s are undeniably necessary for the society and well-being of all people on the planet. The development of genetic engineering can help eliminate genetic diseases and find new solutions in curing people. Besides, the gene cloning might aid in creating pharmaceuticals that will suit the personal genome and thus increase the effect of medication. Moreover, due to application of GMO’s, the agricultural industry becomes less dependent on weather conditions, more protected from diseases, and “crop yields are often higher” (Qaim). The environmental benefits may help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and find alternatives to energy sources.

While many scientists reject GMO’s, genetic engineering opens great opportunities for the specialists. Thus, it is a necessary innovation that can change the world for the better. However, nobody can predict the future impact of the GMO’s. The humanity should wisely use this tool since it can lead either to the development or to the destruction of the world.

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