Personal Leadership Development Goals

Date: Nov 23, 2018


The health risks associated with being overweight have been constantly mentioned in health programs on broadcast, print and electronic media. I realize that the impacts of being over-weight will impact on my physical and psychological functions. Therefore, the development of personal leadership goals on the criteria in which to reduce weight is crucial. It is my objective to lose at least 20 pounds of my body weight. I have realized that the potential risks of being overweight include cardiac diseases, diabetes and it also reduce the self-esteem among others.


Being overweight has proved to be a challenge both in personal and social life. Significantly, the development of excessive eating habits has led to an escalation of the weight problem. For instance, I previously adhered to a strict exercise routine, in addition to watching my calories. However, this aspect of my life has changed drastically since I indulged in eating ice creams. This began with a single scoop of ice cream, which developed into a whole pint in a day. In order to feed my unhealthy eating habits I have had to eat fast foods, which are full of fats and sugar.

Meanwhile, I have changed the size of my clothes several times as my body weight continues to increase gradually. The weight problem has led to the reduced self-esteem especially when other people looked at me. I am convinced that my friends and relatives consider me as fat. I believe that if I do not address the weight problem in a prompt and consistent manner, it will face with disastrous consequences in my life. In light of this, the development of personal leadership goals is not only necessary but it is critical to the realization of my personal and professional objectives in life. Therefore, I feel that the need for a strategic plan for weight reduction is paramount.


The realization of this goal will require adherence to a strict weight reduction program; hence, I must develop weight reduction measures that I am capable of following to the latter. The identification of my weaknesses and strengths are going to help me (Rothstein & Burke, 2010). I like watching and imitating exercise routines, most of which are available on the internet. Significantly, I have to develop a weight reduction program that focuses on my strengths while reinforcing my weak points. Therefore, the initial step will be to note down a list of all the foods which I have been eating. This will enable me to analyze which foods have considerably contributed to my weight problem hence to eliminate foods which have a higher calorie and fat content and retain foods which help in digestion and have low or zero calories such as fiber based foods.

I realize that before my weight problem developed, I had a strict policy on the kinds of foods to indulge in; however, when I was convinced to take small scoop of ice cream, a small amount of fries and other fast foods my appetite began to develop. The influence of one to two friends has led to my current predicament; hence I understand that my objective will significantly depend on my ability to resist temptation when I am around the unhealthy foods. This will entail the influence of those people who have been suffering from similar problems but instead of seeking for a solution, have resolved to delve further into the problem.

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I have contemplated on the best options of actions to be taken when I am in the proximity of food. I liked the idea of taping my mouth, but I realized it would be ineffective in public or private venues; since weight reduction is as much of a psychological challenge as it is a physical one. Therefore, self-discipline and dedication are the primary strategic options (Rothstein & Burke, 2010). Therefore, in order to avoid temptations, it is recommended not to visit all places that sell any fast foods; meanwhile I will develop an eating program comprised of foods that aid in weight reduction. The advantage of eating program is that it will keep me on a consistent healthy diet.

The identification of a special exercise program is essential; therefore, the exercise and training program to be comprehensive. There is no need to set up high levels of speed or distances. At first the body should get used to physical exercises. Marathon training will be the optimal choice for my weight reduction goal. I can see the advantage of a marathon training since it will start with minor flexibility and muscle toning exercises; while gradually increasing the exercise intensity with the eventual participation in the marathon. The exercise routines should be done on a regular basis in order to ensure that I do not relapse into my unhealthy lifestyle. My exercise routine will be accompanied with joining a weight loss support group; which will act as a source of strength and control in order to prevent any relapses.

Will and Commitment

my intention is to lose 20 pounds of my current weight in a period of three months or less. As such, I expect to achieve this goal by July 4th, 2013. This is crucial since my class reunion will be held at the designated date; furthermore, I am going to meet an old girlfriend and I want to impress her.

The desire to impress an old girlfriend is an objective to be realized in the short term; however, it is my desire to maintain a healthy and lean physique in the long term. I have noticed that many overweight individuals have numerous problems, which include social stigma as a consequence of their excessive weight. This is more prevalent when it comes to making or maintaining personal relationships; especially with the opposite sex. I have observed that a significant percentage of people take note of my overweight and often express a disgust.

Future Aspirations

It is my desire to have a future where people do not look at me with pitiful or disgusted faces. It is also my wish to have healthy social interactions with friends and peers without a feeling of self loathing. A reduction on weight will not only impact on my future personal life, but it will also have an impact on my professional life.

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I have noticed that in many workplaces, individuals who are overweight tend to be isolated, looked down upon and overlooked as insignificant when it comes to participation in important activities in the work place. I have chanced to see overweight people eating alone in cafeterias while their lean colleagues eat in groups having animated discussions with one another. Additionally, overweight people in the workplace are often subjected to scathing remarks, pranks and allocated tasks which are beneath their qualification and intellect.


The realization of my personal leadership development goals will entail a focused, dedicated and disciplined outlook towards these goals. Therefore, I must bear in mind the advantages of a completed goal. This will ensure that my attention is not diverted away from these goals and I am not tempted to revert to unhealthy habits.

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