Philosophy of Education

Date: Nov 23, 2018


Motivation is the most important and the most beautiful thing that can happen to one’s heart. Motivation enables a human being to believe in magic and become a magician at the same time. Motivation is something that makes people move towards their dreams and proves that impossible is nothing if to continue working stubbornly.

The thing is that childhood is the period when there is the biggest amount of time for work and self-development. Therefore, it is the best time to become motivated.

It is not a secret that the methods used in the process of education, as well as approaches and attitudes, can either motivate or demotivate a child. School community also plays a great role in the formation of perception of education. I have the earnest request to you to pay great attention to the place your child is studying at. Every corner of that place should foster the development of a young mind. This place should be full of promises and inspiration, full of goals and opportunities to realize the potential fully. It is always needed to remember that the impact made on the young heart during the period of childhood influences most of the following actions.

Be sure to do everything possible to motivate young people and people around them. It does not matter how much money do you have or who your parents are. You are what you are dreaming for.

Agenda for Children at School

There have been a lot of debates regarding the perfect curriculum, perfect teachers and perfect agenda for children at school. To tell the truth, ‘perfection’ is impossible. It seems unbelievable to find a perfect concept, which would fit every student completely. The best way out of the problem is to find a balance between radical points of view regarding curriculums and remember that it is not about the curriculum, but about the approach towards teaching. There are some basic things that should for sure be included in the regular curriculum: breaks, lunches, classes, tests, final papers, group projects and holidays. The order of the mentioned parts as well as the amount of them may vary from one school to another, according to the differences in age of students, in mentality, in the national educational system, etc.

Personal approach to everyone, when a person feels like he is paid attention to, listened to and understood, it is what students really need to feel themselves comfortable. Personal approach can be a key to every student’s heart, which can open the door towards a beautiful world full of talents and potential.

The Main Purpose of Schooling

The main purpose of schooling is not only about education. The primary use of school is to develop the mind flow inside the head of the child, to create life standards and values, to teach life skills and make him prepared to go out to the wild world.

It is not correct to state that school is only about education. School is about friends, team spirit, first feelings, first problems and first solutions. School is a frame, within which everything is formed. It holds our hands from the moment we start reading till the last second of the childhood. Graduating from school has always meant starting another period of life.

School is a period of life everyone remembers for the whole life. It plays a core role in making one a human; it teaches how to behave in the open society. Transformations that a student faces while passing throughout the school are tremendous. They can be compared to transformation of a butterfly which flies out after the rebirth.

In the classroom I had been studying, there was a fashion of being smart. The teachers worked hard on the class branding and, finally, made it popular to study. The smartest child in the class was considered to be the coolest one. Therefore, we were all super motivated about studying well and behaving perfectly.

The Education Strategy

Our school had the education strategy of paying great attention to the studying of foreign languages and literature. To tell the truth, we were seeking for the knowledge of math and geometry. However, the knowledge we were given on foreign studies was so great that nobody was complaining. The languages we were learning made a great impact on the personal development of each child and turned out to be extremely useful in future. Finally, each one of us who wanted to learn math was able to learn it by himself or with a tutor.

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I believe classroom environment to be one of the most important aspect that can influence one’s process of studying. To my mind, the perfect environment is the one where a person is able to express himself absolutely freely. It is the environment of trust, support and understanding.

Perfect Environment

Perfect environment is supposed to include motivating relations among students and teachers. It means that teachers should do everything possible to discover the hidden talents of students and develop them on the early stages. Perfect relationships between students and teachers should include tolerant attitude and mutual interest in the educational process. It should require hard work and big efforts from both of the sides; great attention and caring from teachers and patience from students.

Relationships between Teachers, Parents and Students

It is very complicated to describe a perfect model in relationships between teachers, parents and students. If to talk about the relations between a student and a teacher, everything has been already described above. If to talk about the relations between a student and parents, it is a completely different story. I think that parents should serve as the biggest support for a student of any age. Parents should be the power that makes a child get up and keep going after any fall or loss. Parents are the ones who can truly make a child believe in himself, as they know him better than anybody in the world. Parents are the ones who responsible for the child to be honest and respectful to them. Therefore, I consider this model of communication to be a ‘one-side model’, as parents are the most powerful side, which forms the color of rainbow inside a child’s head from the very beginning. If a child does not take his parents seriously, it is probably the result of the parents’ particular actions.

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If to talk about the relationships between teachers and parents, it is a ‘two-side’ model that can be explained in a completely different way. Starting with a fact that teachers are directly responsible for the biggest treasure in the life of parents, and at the same time, they are responsible for performing their job properly. It is very hard for parents to keep the balance of being friendly and attentive to their child’s quality of education at the same time. On the other hand, teachers and parents are two categories of adults, whose moral standards and behavior habits have already been formulated properly enough to avoid any kinds of conflicts, if it is possible.


All in all, I would like to finish with the words, that if you give a person a fish, you will feed him for a night. If you teach a person how to catch a fish, you will feed him for the rest of his life. Take care of your child’s education and you will assure his prosperity in future.

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