The Processes that take Place in the Company

Date: Jan 14, 2019

Investigation of the Public Concerns

The investigation of the public concerns would play an instrumental role in ascertaining the truth about the matter raised by members of the public. I would investigate public concerns by planning a physical visit to the company in order to determine the processes that take place in the company’s working environment. A physical visit to the company would present an appropriate opportunity to understand the processes of the company and the different chemicals used in the manufacture of pesticides. The investigation would entail following up the entire stages of pesticide manufacturing and determining the manner in which every employee is involved in each stage. Additionally, the investigation of the working environment would entail checking whether employees have an access to safety measures such as gloves or mouth and nose covers when handling dangerous chemicals. Therefore, a keen investigation of the company’s processes would present an opportunity of addressing the public concerns in a more informed manner.

In the course of my investigations, I would bring in various experts, agencies, and organizations. The key experts to involve in the course of investigation would be chemical and industrial chemists. These experts have immense knowledge in the field of chemistry and have rich knowledge about the procedures that are supposed to take place in chemical manufacturing industries. Additionally, I would involve organizations and agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Pimentel & Lehman (1993) opine that these organizations would play a significant role in ensuring the quality of procedures. The involvement of experts and these agencies in the course of investigation would assist in determination of the toxicity levels of the pesticides and the revelation of their effects on people working in the company and those utilizing the pesticides as consumers.

Ethical Concerns and Conflicts of Interests

Numerous ethical concerns arise from the scenario. According to Pimentel & Lehman (1993), one of the most significant ethical concerns that emanates from the scenario is the company’s harm on individuals’ health. Despite the fact that it offers employment to people in a small town, it does not put into consideration their health condition hence raising ethical concerns. The failure to protect the welfare of the employees and other members of the society raises ethical concerns, as married couples are unable to have children because of the enormous effects brought about by the company. Additionally, there would be ethical concerns relating to the company’s environmental protection policy. This means that the company has decided to remain negligent on its health protection with the position that it offers job opportunities to most people in the town. Again, the company is unethical in the sense that it does not put the health interest of the community at heart and instead, thinks on advancements in line with blackmails of moving to another city that would appreciate the job opportunities offered.

The conflict of interest in the scenario lies in the decision to stop the operations of the company. It would be difficult to take any measure relating to the company’s closure as this will lead to continued suffering among individuals who would lose their jobs. The conflict of interest lies in the view that a large number of individuals in the small town rely on the company and any misunderstanding would lead to the failure of the economy in the town as people lose their jobs. It would be extremely difficult to take a position on the matter because of the negativities emanating from the decision taking. Therefore, the matter raises an enormous conflict of interest depending on the decision taken concerning the pesticide company.

Management of Information

It is worth noting that any piece of information emanating from the media would be extremely emotive among members of the public. This calls for the development of an effective plan to manage this kind of information in order to ensure all members understand the views raised. The information emanating from the media could be managed effectively by organizing frequent meetings with the members of the town. I would first organize a meeting with the community members and ensure that they raise their views concerning their understanding of the information found in the media. The views of the individuals would play an effective role in ensuring that the position of the members in the town regarding the matter is taken into consideration hence leading to the understanding of what people in the town want.

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Nielsen (2008) reiterates that apart from getting the views of the members of public, it would also be important to explain them some of the most possible decisions that could be taken relating to the matter. The effects of the posed by the company’s operations would also be explained to the community members in the clearest manner possible hence ensuring they understand both the negativities and the positives that may come from the decisions taken. Notably, organizing meetings with the citizens of the town would be a key factor in the information management, as it would ensure that they understand the concern of the relevant organizations. Meetings and discussions in the management of this information would ensure that a moderate approach is taken by members of the town as they are informed about the actual facts taking place on the ground.

Communication Strategy

Apparently, the company has helped to perk up and develop the township as far as improving the economy of the town is concerned. The fact that the company is aware of their unethical behaviors and it is unwilling to accept it puts the lives and health of the four thousand employees working in the company at risk. The employees are not willing to lose their jobs even though they are aware of the effects of the exposure to poor working conditions that have indeed compromised with their health. Therefore, a diligent approach to deal with the situation is crucial. In case the proper decision is not taken, the town risks going back to the prior situation it was in as the company has already threatened closure and withdrawal of its sponsors unless the mayor contains the situation and brings it back to normalcy. Nielsen (2008) affirms that the negative publicity as it is evident in the media via television channels, the radio, and even the print social has indeed threatened the company and that is why they have expressed their wish to relocate if this does not come to a halt any time soon.

Therefore, I would prefer approaching the management of the company through seeking an appointment with the managing director in a bid to discuss and if possible have a meeting with all people within the company where everyone involved would deliberate on the same and reach an amicable decision. Then, we would discuss about the working conditions of the workers who are exposed to 1, 2-dibromo-3-chloropropane, which is a major ingredient used in the manufacture of pesticides. An in-depth scrutiny with the management through the health records of the employees will help to ascertain the truth behind the claim. As such, I would advise the management to take responsibility as quick as possible and combat the situation. This could be possible by first withholding the company’s operations and providing treatment to all employees. If the company complies with my proposal, I would then ask the employees to calm down and allow the management to provide them with treatment as soon as possible. Failure of the management to honor their obligations will result in legal action.

Possibility of the Company Leaving the Town

Whatever the case is, human health must be given priority over anything. Without proper health of the employees, they would not perform their duties responsibly nor would they be satisfied with their jobs. While threatening to leave the town and relocate to another town if the mayor fails cope with the situation, the company should also consider the health hazard it has caused to the residents of the town. Reniers, Srensen & Vrancken (2013) are of the view that the company should take responsibility because it was dedicated to help the township, it should not run away from its own mess but rather stay and help in providing treatment to the four thousand employees who have already suffered from the exposure. If the company leaves the town, people will lose employment and other consequential loses will hit the town leaving it in a detrimental situation. Therefore, I would plan for the company’s need to provide compensation to all employees who were working in the company such that funds are available for them to seek medical attention and help regain their fertility.

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In this response paper i would also recommend to the people of the town to engage in alternative means of generating income for their own upkeep as well as seek for government intervention to help completing the projects started by the company besides creating employment for the people. Company’s relocation will leave a lot of peole unemployed. Therefore, I would also encourage people to embrace self-employment by investing some amounts from the compensated funds in starting their own businesses. Alternatively, if the company decides to stay, I would also advise them to implement strategies and measures such as employee’s insurance cover and review their operations procedures in terms of reducing employees’ exposure to any health risk as far as the use of chemicals in its operations are concerned.

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