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Date: Nov 3, 2017
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World Wide Company BioServer - Systems

Question One

BioServer-Systems (BSS) is a company specializing in web server space across the world. BSS Company should test their products before selling in order to improve the quality of services and attract more customers. BSS Company should be run by experienced people to ensure favorable management, which will lead to attraction of more customers. In this case, customers will like the company and prefer to use their products. New methods of security measures that will prevent hackers from accessing web information should be introduced. When BSS security system protocols are changed severally, it prevents hackers from accomplishing their mission (Dunham, 2009). This system is good as it can manage large data which can be accessed differently. This is done to avoid leakage of these data to hackers who tamper with company’s information. Security measures such as the use of passwords to access information hinders intruders from accessing information without legal authority.

Due to rapid growth BioServer-System should ensure there are sufficient programmers to ensure smooth and efficient working environment. Number of marketers should be increased to create a wide market and attract more customers. Manager should have experience and skill to run the company professionally since the progress of any organization lies in the hands of managers. Human resources manager should be at a position to manage and ensure worker’s safety. BioServer-System Company should have policies that ensure progress and professionalism (Pilkington, 2010). The policies should govern all people in the company disregarding the position in order to ensure respect and professionalism in duty performance. BSS Company should search and request each person to provide clear background before employment to ensure safety of the customer and the employee.

Question Two

BSS Company should avoid obtaining information about other company’s cultural values. Different companies have different cultural values and they should be protected to prevent competitors from becoming conversant with the companies’ values. Some cultural values cannot be disclosed as they contract the state laws and employees should keep secrete of companies information. Employees disclosing company’s information should be dismissed and taken to judicial proceeding (Dunham, 2009). The company did not contact thorough checking of current employee background but the previous employer they should prosecute any employee disclosing company information. BioServer system (BSS) staff needs some measures to be put to avoid leakage of information as employees can disclose company’s cultural values for their own interest and gain.

BSS Company has servers that accommodate sensitive information and formulas used to create companies culture. These are some of added qualities that could improve company’s services. The product should have qualities which the competitor’s product does not have in order to attract more customers and win in a competitive market. Several companies may install this kind of server and fail to use them appropriately (Pilkington, 2010).

Question Three

These are ways that show BioServer-system (BSS) programs are effective. This company has specialized in web serving, which makes it a national supplier as all the efforts are concentrated to one field. BSS Company is flexible and this serves as a major attraction of many organizations, whereby websites require being updated weekly or daily. BioServer-systems provide different innovations which enables the company to have information security (Dunham, 2009). Each company possesses strong servers which prevent hackers from accomplishing their evil plans. Even the government was on the line claiming that BSS was capable of proving quality services to their systems. This shows that BSS programs are effective.

BioServer-System Company flexibility attracts many customers across the world as many organizations manage huge data that need to be well protected and to have multiples access. BSS Company has experienced faster growth than any of its competitors and this indicates that the Company provided quality services to customers. The Company provides services of higher standards which do not have mistakes, yet the employee’s unprofessionalism leads to mistakes in service giving. This concern was raised by a person known as Lee. Drugs and chemical companies perform well after using BSS products and services. Stanley, being the manager of the Company, expressed concerns after receiving complaints from customers and making sure that each case was solved (Dunham, 2009).

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BioServer-System manager was friendly and this contributed to attraction of many customers. The company knew him as a performer. Communication as a business tool in this company enabled expansion of company as many people make purchases without traveling to the Company’s offices but ordering through phone or online support (Pilkington, 2010).

Question Four

Other methods of BioServer-System Company are initial assessments methods. They are aimed at checking whether the number of customers was increasing or decreasing after a certain period of time. Increased demand to the number of working employees signifies that the workload is increasing. Use of questionnaire could be an initial assessment process given to public to give out response. Interest calculation could also act as a method of evaluation to determine whether there is profit or loss. Using of charts could be good for initial assessment. Technology changes with time and this makes work and transaction process easier (Pilkington, 2010).

Order review

BioServer-System manager has been in the same position in a huge pharmaceutical firm and this made him create more market connections with other organizations. Stanley had connection with the government officials and this made the government regard BSS system as one of high quality. The Company extends market to government offices due to Stanley’s influence. Stanley’s image promoted the Company and attracted many people to its products and services due to Stanley’s public image.

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