Critical Analysis of a Qualitative Study

Date: Nov 3, 2017
Category: Review Category

Problem Statement

The issue needed to be addressed in this qualitative study is the reduction of zero HIV viruses during delivery, which should be addressed to nursing staffs in every health care institution. The research problem is about reducing of zero HIV viruses in newborn babies. The health care system in health care delivery is established to meet the needs of target groups in the population. It is an important factor and significance determinant in promoting general health and well-being of patients in health care delivery systems. The research focuses on the prevention of newborn baby to get zero HIV viruses through their mothers during birth.

The problem in this case is based to mothers during their delivery time and should be addressed to clinical medicine staffs on how to take care of their patients in hospitals and more so, the pregnant mothers. Nursing department should consider the idea in a very serious manner. It is so painful for the children to undergo a certain suffering caused by their parents during their lifetime (Stolley, 2009). It is very traumatic for them to face the challenges which cause a lot of psychological problems and torture in the society. The costs of treatment start from time the baby is born which is a big challenge to the family and the caregivers. There are number of people affected by clinical problem due to ignorance of the staffs in nursing department which outweighs mother’s delivery care.

Purpose and Research Questions

The purpose of the study is to achieve a goal in reducing the number of HIV viruses’ babies to zero cases, to reduce HIV virus transmission from mother to child during delivery. The research questions are analyzed according to purpose of the study. These are as follows: why babies are born with HIV ? What measures can be taken to reduce the number to zero? What kind of education can be delivered to nurses to prevent issues during delivery time? How can nurses improve their quality of care during delivery? The purpose of the research understanding in nurses is intended on the improvement of nursing care in all health care systems. It is very useful to nurses, who are participating in nursing program, to improve the nursing care quality. Some of the nurses are in leadership positions often use research reports in selecting findings as the bases of changing nursing practices (Grodeck, 2010).

Literature Review

The author cites qualitative and quantitative studies relevant to the focus of the study by carrying out critical points on the current knowledge of HIV viruses on part of the newborn babies. Here the main goes are to know the situation of the current study about quality care and improvement of nurses in the work and more on part of delivery care. The author cited on subject of the problem which is reducing zero to HIV viruses in born babies and again on the quality of care taken by nurses in their provision of work along with objectives and goals of the problem (Libman, 2008).

The institution itself still have the power and responsibilities to make sure quality work is delivered in the treatment and care of the patients in an efficient way. Support of the problems statement is in the part of the institution and the member’s staffs who employed to offer services to patients. In this case, the arguments are on the side of institution and workers in comparison to performance of their work and understanding of development in the research. It is based on the area of health care delivery system in getting the greatest contribution.

Weaknesses of the research are based on the area of data carried in the field. Much of the finds are in the quality study where by the data is not in accurate position as far as information delivered is concerned (Libman, 2008). The weaknesses of the literature review is based on the secondary sources gotten from the study such as inconsistence reporting to work at correct time and also failing to offer quality work to patients in the health delivery care.

Conceptual / Theoretical Frame Work

Specific perspective from study was development basing the arguments on the part of research which is often referred to be the essence of the problem to be solved. The conceptual framework proposed in this research is based on some of the ideas like the theoretical knowledge of the research, psychological support and experimental learning procedures on the ideas of information delivered in to the facilitators. Basically, in the conceptual framework, research generates knowledge in the basis of caring with excellence and quality work in an efficient and effective way (Stolley, 2009). When this is done, it reduces zero HIV viruses in newborn babies.

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From study the author faced a lot of challenges like failing to achieve the best outcome from the patients due to lack of knowledge and application to their nursing chores. Qualitative research method of inquiry is employed in social sciences where by the author aims in gathering in- depth understanding of human behavior (Grodeck, 2010). This method investigates the reason why and how health nurse applies their decision-making in dealing with patients.

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