Monitoring and Reviewing a Personal Development Plan

Date: Nov 3, 2017
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Evaluation of the Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan is a checklist of items and elements that define and elaborate an individual’s personal commitment to a goal or set of goals. These goals occur or are formulated through a process of individual introspection and therefore are not absolute in any way. The degree of commitment to their attainment is influenced by many factors in the environment. Some of the influences to a personal development come from the individual’s past activities, present states and the set of possibilities for the future, which are all the time limited and constrained by circumstances. It is for the reason of these constraints and limitation in the environment that the necessity for evaluation and review become desirable (Dagley & Berrington, 2005).

Evaluation of the personal development plan ought to be done on a regular basis and in consistency with some spelled out principles. The principles are incidental to the expected outcomes. It is through this benchmarking approach that effective progress can be attained. Evaluation is essentially an activity of personal development improvement (Evans et al, 2002).

A personal development plan needs to be monitored and evaluated by the individual and by any persons who are directly or indirectly affiliated to the person’s welfare and program of development as a parent, spouse or mentor and associates. Monitoring and evaluation of the personal development plan therefore means sharing and consulting with close associates what their observations are and gaining greater personal commitment to the goals.

Appraisal of Personal Development

One critical aspect of monitoring is appraisal. Appraisal of personal development takes the form of analyzing the success rates and the failurerates of the stages and tasks spelled out by the checklist. When there is failure, the individual must find effective remedies to the failure incidencesand the success need to be upheld by effective reminders of how the good results were obtained.

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