Realistic Acting

Date: Nov 3, 2017
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Theatrical Art

Since the beginning of theatrical art, the most basic aspect in acting of performances was a special realistic game of actors. Famous Russian theater director and reformer Constantin Stanislavsky created the education doctrine for novice and professional actors. It contains a lot of theoretical and practical rules. The main principle of it is the principle of all realistic art or the truth life game. Firstly, the actor must distinguish truth from falsehood in playwright. Of course to prevent mistakes performer must develop the habit constantly compares the performance of any creative challenge (even the most basic exercises) with the truth of life itself. On stage, should not allow anything that would be contrary to the truth of life. The second basic principle in preparing to go on stage is the "super task." Super task is exactly that cause in which the artists introduce the main idea that he wants to convey to people’s minds and what strives to end. This teaching is not only a requirement from an actor ideological commitment of creativity, but it is also the embodiment of his ideological activity, which is the basis of social value of art. The third and the basic rule of Stanislavski is the principle of activity and action. That means that a person must not play with characters and willfully represent passion, but act with passion. This means forget your real «I» and become completely other person whom actor plays. Last necessary thing for each role is a charm. Persons charm is a double-edged sword; person should be able to use it (Whyman 244). If a performer does not have it, he must develop it. Without the charm, the audience will not be merciful to your personage.

It is Very Important for the Actor this Training

No matter what level of training and awareness actor has to present each role everyone should be prepared in a different way. Man has to hone his game on the stage in the tradition of the period time in which he played. However he should not forget about his own individuality because modern audience during contemplation could understand it in incorrectly way.  Personal vision of actor must convince the audience in its uniqueness (Schechner 149).  Not lose oneself on the stage, show the representation of creation from its own inherent nature, it is a sign of your professionalism, and that is why training is essential.

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