What is Ideal Education

Date: Nov 3, 2017
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The Banking Concept of Education

Basing my Oxford Dictionary, education is a process of teaching and training, especially in the school or colleges, to improve knowledge and develop skills. It is the best way to change your future or life.

The Banking Concept

The banking concept of education,” bought by Paulo Freire, has used many rhetoric to explain the relationship between student and teachers and the method using in the teaching. He shows a familiar and strange idea which is about liberation and oppression. You must fell familiar because it is the truth in our life and based on Freire’s experience.

What is Banking Education?

It is an education which “becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor.” (Freire 318) it allows the teacher to dominate the most of the activities in the class. Student is controlling by teacher’s movement. This education ignores the consciousness of the students and leads to oppression of limiting intellectualism.

But in the problem posing education, Freire described that it is a class in which the student can sometimes be the teacher and the teacher can sometimes be the student. By his meaning, problem posing education leads to the liberation of the student and the revolution against oppressive society and it can fully show the power of the intellectualism of students. But in my view, the ideal education system should combine these two methods because I believe that in the world, many things are not always black or white.

Both of the banking and problem posing education system are crucial, because there is a famous saying by Hegel which is “What is rational is actual and what actual is rational. Many educators think problem posing system to be the most effective and the one which should be used to educated student. In my view, both systems are important in education and using both would be more effective by comparing to use problem posing alone. For instance, many students prefer banking education for sciences, math and languages which are just fact and do not need to think. Other argue that banking is the best method in primary school, because they don’t need to share or don’t have idea to share and at that level, they just need to remember those details.

Although problem posing is considered to be more effective, but it doesn’t give consideration to those individuals who is unconsciousness. In fact, the student has duty to understand the material which teaching in the class. But student usually do not have true independence, because in most cases, teacher always lead the progress in the lesson. To make a little conclusion, both problem posing and banking education are not consciousness. In essence, “the banking concept of education regards man as adaptable, manageable beings, (Freire 319) and its “capability is to minimize or annul the student’s creative power and to stimulate their credulity serves the interests of oppressors. (Freire 320) Although student consider this method to be useful in some subjects, this systems is under control and oppression, because there is no consciousness.

The Role of Teacher and Student in Education

In the problem-posing education, the role of teacher and the student reset to equal level and during the conversation, they efficiently gain knowledge from each other. This approach indicates that a reliable comprehension can only be achieved through sharing, questioning and conversation of other’s idea in the classroom. However, in this approach, the power between student and teacher is not balanced. For all purposes, the teacher is ever an authority.

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Although we tend to separate problem posing and banking concept education, in some ways, problem posing is composed of both systems. Normally, if a problem posing cannot give 100% liberation, it is fake problem posing. In fake problem posing, the teacher poses a question to student, but the teacher knows the answer already. In this situation, the student are directed towards a specific goal, and don’t have independence process of thinking. In the real problem posing, the teacher poses the question without any intention of directing the conversation toward the answer. But for the teacher, they have anticipates about the amount of the potential answer, and they do not considered other answered.

The real problem posing education reduces the authority of teacher to avoid the hamper of exchanging ideas. For the homework or the attendance, teacher should have authoritative, however within the conversation in classroom, teacher did not have authority and students are free from the oppression. The fake problem posing education is similar to the banking concept, but it only has few oppression. These three forms of education are interchangeable, when used in teaching, but which method is using depend on the degree of freedom which means the degree of the teacher giving up the control.


In my opinion, both systems should be applied to the classroom. Because students need to learn certain knowledge and teacher have duty to facilitate the study of student. For both method, they relying on each other and combining together can make the classroom more effective than without others. Although, banking concept is less liberation than problem posing, it is good to exercise both systems so that the student, in one way, abbey the teacher and perform mandatory those knowledge which they are interesting or not interesting and, on the another way, they can liberate from oppression and use their creativity. This means that we need to find a balance between those two method to allow smooth learning.

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Paulo Freire’s ideas on the purpose methods and contents of the education are relative to the development of the education and society. However, his assertion that problem posing is the best method of education system just like utopia. It can only exist in the imagination. He did not take into consideration that a teacher is always having authority in the classroom so that there is no real problem posing education. To solve this question, the best way is to combine these two methods together and make it working together.

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