Human Rights and its Role

Date: Oct 25, 2018


Human rights help people to understand their fundamental rights and responsibilities. The following paper reflects on perception of human rights and their role in public administration. It describes the issues that may affect social life. It defines various social problems such as domestic violence and racism. Moreover, the paper illustrates the values, information, and the experience of the readings. It helps to understand the roles and the responsibility for a public administrator. The paper provides information that can help social workers to improve their service. Furthermore, it describes the drawbacks of domestic and social violence. The paper guides people to choose fruitful ways of life that can develop moral and ethical values of society. Nevertheless, it provides personal views on the readings. Moreover, it elaborates the rules of a public administrator in society.

Ethical reflection is an important part of public administration. It helps administrators to maintain social justice, human rights, and moral values of different stakeholders. The following paper analyses the perception of human rights and its role in public administration. In addition, it illustrates some issues that may affect the administration system.

Human Rights and Related Issues

Human rights are the moral principles of the organizations and society. They describe people’s legal rights, behaviors, and some international laws. Human rights are the fundamental rights that are achieved by birth as a human being. Therefore, they are universal, and people must respect and follow them all over the world. Usually, these rights are controlled by a country’s legal laws and obligations. Therefore, human rights influence common people, local communities, and society (Barusch, 2009).

However, studies show that domestic and social issues affect human rights. Experts provided different views on modern and postmodern social justice system, which elaborates issues of the society. Domestic violence is one of the burning issues of the society. It affects parents, children, or other relatives. For example, in some Asian and African communities, women do not have the equal rights as men. They must follow the rules and regulations of men. Even more, they do not have the right to work outside or to wear some specific clothes. Often, husbands abuse their wives in such societies. As a result, such women have physical and mental stress (Mayo Clinic, n.d.). Moreover, in some societies, people become the victims of racism and caste system. For instance, in some parts of Asia, people are designated for the works according to their caste and family background. Similarly, in some countries, authorities or law enforcement departments harass people due to their skin color or race. Hence, these issues break the laws of human right (Global Issues, n.d.).

Nature of the Issue and Its Significance

Social justice issues affect different organizations, communities, and society as a whole. As a public administrator, I must try to understand the main significance of these issues. Moreover, I will analyze the specific social problems. For example, domestic violence is one of the remarkable issues. It can take place in various ways, such as physical, verbal, economic, emotional, and sexual abuse. Some people believe that it is justified. Therefore, they abuse their spouse or children. However, such abuses can create domestic violence or other serious conditions. Victims of domestic violence may suffer from mental or physical issues. They may become the patients of post-traumatic disorder. That is why I will find out the main reasons for these issues and try to solve such problems by finding its solutions (Barusch, 2009).

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The Values, Knowledge and the Experience of the Reading

The reading helps me to understand social and ethic issues of society and describes the main problems of families and communities. For example, it portrays the lives of middle-class people and their responsibility and emotional issues. It describes the day-to-day life of poor people. Such descriptions help public administrators to find out suitable solutions for current problems (Barusch, 2009). Moreover, the reading defines the visions and the values of famous philosophers. For example, Lee Ann Bell believes that people should get equal resources to live their lives and such practices may reduce social and domestic violence (Mayo Clinic, n.d.). Similarly, Plato considered that rulers should not own private property so that they can concentrate on social development (Barusch, 2009). Furthermore, some scholars define the keys of social life. They are stewardship, governance, biological reproduction, organization of work and production and, exchange and distribution of products and goods. The following information can help me to understand the role of a public administrator. Such experience can improve my service and ethical values in day-to-day life (Global Issues, n.d.).

Implication of Knowledge

As a public administrator, I find the reading helpful in improving domestic and social issues. I will follow the rules of experts and famous philosophers and will take care of natural and human-created resources. Furthermore, I will try to improve the production of organizations, which help people to fulfill their fundamental necessities, through ethical behavior. In addition, experts believe that the exchange or distribution of goods, rights or responsibilities may improve the relationship between families and communities. In addition, the government rules or laws can highly influence society. Hence, I will try to understand the outcomes of government policies. If, some policies can affect people’s lives, then I will inform the authority to avoid such policies. Nevertheless, I will try to promote equal rights and equal responsibilities. Such projects can encourage women to understand their rights and capabilities. Thus, I would like to implicate the information about the readings (Help Guide, n.d.).


The reading in question can help me to understand my roles in society as a public administrator. It guides me to learn about the perceptions of human rights. In addition, it describes the present issues of social system. Currently, domestic violence is one of the main social issues of the world. It affects families and communities. The victims of such violence can suffer from mental and physical disorders. Hence, public administrators should try to get relief from such violence and problems. As an administrator, I will follow the rules of scholars and famous philosophers. These experts believe that people can live in peace and harmony, if they have equal rights and responsibilities. Moreover, equal resources may help people to understand the importance of social relationship. These rules guide people to improve their lives. Hence, I would like to introduce new policies that encourage social life without violence and other issues.

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