Social Issues in American Education

Date: Oct 25, 2018

The Education in the American Society

The education in the American society faces a couple of problems. This paper discloses some of the problems in the education sector of the American society.

The American education System has excellent animation programs that draw lectures from the best thinkers and philosophers all over the world. These transformations have changed the way people perceive information. The videos the American education sectors have shown point to the needs of learners. In as much as education has always been shown to be the greatest milestone in success of an individual, there are also other areas like athletics and football, as well as different talents that youths all over the world can emulate. In my view, the style of information delivery is essential in every organization. Sir Ken Robinson blankets some of the themes about education that learners all over the world are to take seriously. It is, therefore, important that learners all over the world consider the best approaches to solving educational needs of not only the American people, but the educational needs of different people from all over the world (Katz, 1987).

Evaluating Teachers

There is a great need to evaluate teachers in the American society. In a few years, the American education sector was viewed as the brain child of some charter schools. Today, the American society is more mature and understands the basic needs of the American education populace. There is a ‘general fatigue’ in the education sector in America. There is, therefore, the need for education reformation not only in the USA, but in every country all over the world. Some time back, the major preoccupation of the American education sector was how to get rid of non-performing teachers and replace them with performing teachers. There is a great need to evaluate teachers, especially in their performance in classrooms. The quality of teachers in the classrooms is a major function in the academic performance in learners across the globe. The need for teachers’ motivation comes in. The teaching profession needs to be well paid, so that they are encouraged to continue providing their best. The American political campaigns have had a huge toll on the education sector in American people. There is the need for American politicians to distinguish the difference in the public and private education sectors. Once this is done, it is, therefore, important for the education drivers in the United States to come up with the best solutions for the American people.

The American society has greatly influenced the way people view education. In the USA, for example, the society emphasizes more on talents. They identify talents of their students as early as when they are in elementary schools, through high school, into colleges and universities. It is equally important for government technocrats in the education sector to lay emphasis on teacher performance through numerous education questionnaires, and other evaluation criteria. Everyone has to play a part in realizing that the American child performs well in class. It is significant to understand the role of inspiration and dedication on the American people. Campaigns should not just emphasize on teachers; they should emphasize on what they can do to improve the education sector within the American soils.

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The Social Issues Affecting the American Education Sector are:

  • Racism: racism is rife in the American education system. Nowadays, there are still instances of racism at schools. There are some schools within the USA, where students are still segregated. Preference is given to students of white origin. This is a bad precedent that should be looked into, since education is important to every child, irrespective or race, ethnicity, tribe, religion and gender.
  • Discipline at the Schools: various schools have different works of ethics, besides the common stipulated work ethics of the education ministry. The American Education Society provides common codes of conduct to students. These include accepted behaviors within and without schools, defining the extent of punishments to mete out on students in case they do not perform. These are the corporal punishments, suspensions, expulsions and alternative punishments (Coleman, 1997).

Safe School Programs

These programs aim to look at the best environmental programs that can guarantees good learning environments within and without the schools. It takes the conceited efforts of stakeholders, including parents and education service providers. It is more of a-common-sense-issue-doing what should be done to make education possible in schools. Environments for teaching and learning should be conducive and well scrutinized.

Managing Pregnancies within American Schools

Pregnancies become normal occurrences in most American schools. It is in this regard that pregnancy becomes a major preoccupation at schools. In order to deal within them effectively, the American school administration emphasizes more on teaching learners the importance of avoiding pregnancies, using pregnancy pills and practicing safe sex.

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Apart from the few above listed problems, the American education system remains one of the best in the world. Major gains have been made in fighting the plagues of racism, politics, pregnancies, truancy and professionalism of teachers. They stick to the code of ethics and works, as stipulated in the American education system (Eaton, 2007).

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