Date: Jul 8, 2019
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CrossFit is a fitness company founded back in 2000 with an ever-increasing number of members from different gyms located in the United States. The training programs of CrossFit Company incorporate high intensity interval training, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics and strongman exercises. CrossFit Company has over the past few years involved a total of 9000 gyms in the United States and with an ever growing impact on the publics interested in their activities ("Affiliation"). CrossFit Company aims at improving: muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, and flexibility for all their members. CrossFit Company has embraced the changing technological trends by developing a website where members of different affiliated member gyms can access exercise routines for daily, weekly or monthly basis. With its knowledge in different departments, CrossFit Company has been incorporated into fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and military organizations, high school and college sports teams, and the physical education teaching programs. This paper looks into the growth, activities, and the status of CrossFit Company in achieving it set goals.

Social Media Status

CrossFit Company has been able to use media and the different methods it offers in achieving its full potential as a business and fitness program business. CrossFit Company has member gyms all over the United States with some located very far. Communication and daily exercise routines provided to them has been made simple by using the Internet websites. All the member gyms have their own websites with the help of which their members can access the daily programs. Social websites like Facebook have created a better market segment for CrossFit Gyms as it can now reach a different number of clients. YouTube is another forum through which CrossFit Company has also been able to create awareness of their activities. This has also generated a wider interest of people from different organizations and companies to take part in the CrossFit exercise programs.

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Magazines and periodicals with a complete exercise routine are also available for the members of the CrossFit Gyms. Coupling with televised advertisements members get a chance to learn more information about CrossFit Company (Glassman 1). The increased number of clients from a vast array of organizations is a clear indication of the advancements that CrossFit Company has made in its existence as a business venture and as a fitness organization. Changes in the operations of CrossFit Company are considered the main reason for its growth to a larger market. In my view, these changes and status of CrossFit Company have a positive impact on the gym and practice exercises. The company has succeeded in revolutionizing the body fitness that most people consider a leisure activity into a vital part of healthy living at a larger scale. Despite the changes in the social media status, more injuries and overtraining cases have been reported. This is a result of poor guidance or supervision, common among those who purchase magazines and other tutorials.

Social Activities

Since the year 2007, CrossFit games have been taking place in one row with athletes competing on different exercise workouts that they have learned hours before the competition. In the year 2011, an online format for the games was adopted in order to bring in more competitor athletes from various countries. These games have been made to incorporate both male and female athletes with difference of the competition that they take part in. Prizes and awards are given to the winners of the different championships at the end of the competitions. A program for kids has also been developed to help kids in mind, including cognitive, motor and neurological skills as they grow (“CrossFit Kids 101”).


It is apparent that CrossFit Company aims at improving body fitness and health of its members but, in achieving its goals there are many considerations that it should put to practice. Cases of clients suing CrossFit Company for injuries they had during exercises with unqualified trainees, call for a look into considering the well-being of the clients first. Competitors could learn from CrossFit exercises but with advice and consultations from a medical practitioner to avoid injuries.

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