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Date: Jan 11, 2019

Alpha Dog by Nick Cassavetes

Alpha Dog is one of the films which cannot leave people indifferent. The story was presented to the public in 2006, and all the events in it were actual. While watching this movie, the viewers are expected to think about the role of parenthood and the way of life that youth lead as a consequence of given education. As a matter of fact, this movie is not the first one dedicated to the topic of youth criminality. The problems appearing are also not new, but the development of the plot considers many psychological moments where the viewers can observe the changes in people’s feelings and opinions and their inner struggle.

The main heroes are the group of juvenile guys who carry the roles of drug dealers, and parents of some of them. At the very beginning, one can observe the everyday life of the heroes, their entertainments and business. The event is not solitary in its basics and people are represented in the situation they have to think about once more. The problem is that the main criminal starts to understand that there will be consequences of their business and the band will have to account for the capture of a young guy. The decision which seems to be right for Johnny does not actually resolve the problem. He orders to murder Zack, but does not want to understand that the level of responsibility will be even much higher.

The scenario of this movie stresses the results of people’s fear to be responsible for their actions. In addition, it underlines the changes which each our decision causes and leads to. It is rather embarrassing to follow the denouement of the film, but the emotions of the main heroes are worth being watched.

Fashion by Madhur Bhandarkar

Fashion was produced in 2008. It is the story of a woman who just wants to be happy and reach her goal in life. This is the story of millions who try to escape from hard fortune and strive for their dreams to come true. The director, Madhur Bhandarkar, shows the lifeway of an ordinary girl from the village and represents the marvelous work to demonstrate the power of human’s willingness to reach a goal.

Meghna Mathur, the main heroine of the movie, starts her way as a photo model in Mumbai against her family’s wish. The viewers can observe how she dislikes some people or actions which she has to do in order to become popular. It is not a solitary example of the stars’ ways. Nevertheless, her willpower deserves appreciation, and watching the struggle of the girl in a new world one gets more worried and at the same time excited. As a result, Meghna faces the non-accepting from her relatives and starts to rely on herself and her friends. The conflict of opinions and views as well as the difference between the representatives of various generations are depicted in this movie. The problem of conservatism and unwillingness to agree with the changes is observed here. Though, that seems to be not the main conflict. The popularity, which the heroine finally gets, leads to the changes in Meghna’s viewpoints and attitude towards friends. The further development of the plot is rather optimistic. The heroine is given the second chance and this is the main issue, despite all the problems she has faced.

The consequences are rather predictable while watching the film. The plot is dynamic and it is exciting to follow it. The actors’ performing is awesome and very sincere as viewers can share all their emotions and inner experience. The destiny of the girl is great and represents not ideal but true story of life, which not only emphasizes right decisions but also shows how people can change.

Heroine by Madhur Bhandarkar

In 2012, Madhur Bhandarkar presented one of his exciting dramas to the world. The plot of the movie is based on the set of events happening to the renowned actress Mahi Arora. The woman used to be one of the most influential and popular artists some time ago, but now her popularity decreases and the number of propositions for acting reduces significantly. The director of the film shows the fortune of the actress getting older. In addition Madhur Bhandarkar considers how temporary fame and people’s love is.

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Mahi Arora’s love for a man in this film seems to be very true and sincere but not the same in answer. Watching the development of their relationships, it becomes evident that Aryan loves Mahi but he is not strong enough to bear all the problems they face. I think that the director of the movie has had a goal to represent the level of different people’s ability to sacrifice in sake of others. Not being supported, people can face the situations like Mahi when all her tries fail and she gets into depression again and again. The spectators observe the unreadiness of the star to refuse her previous way of life and accept the changes. It is not surprising that people always search for better place in society and it is rather shocking for them to go down. Mahi’s beloved people are not ready to sacrifice their fortunes for her benefit, and it is quite unpleasant to see the degree of her disappointment.

While watching the movie, one can evidence the lifeway of the popular person and everything that happens behind the scene. Sometimes it is hard to believe that such popular and successful people can face dramatic events and feel pain, but they actually do. The development of the plot makes the viewers sympathize Mahi and proves the momentary status of being successful.

Anna by Yurek Bogayevicz

The film was shown to the public in 1987 and represented the outstanding performing of Sally Kirkland portraying the main heroine. This is one of the most famous films considering and representing the woman’s fortune. The story is based on the actual events happened once to a Polish actress El?bieta Czy?ewska. Although the plot does not develop in a dynamic way, it keeps the attention while watching the movie. The events happening to the main heroines do not seem to be unreal and unpredictable. All the changes caused by appearing of Krystyna in Anna’s life influence the emotional experience of viewers and are directed to think about the role of other people in lives of all humans.

Krystyna comes to New York to find her beloved actress Anna. They are both from Czechoslovakia, and that is why Anna is so sympathetic towards the young girl. Anna faced the imprisoning in her native country, and it significantly influenced her further life. She changes the starring role to the roles in local theatre to make both ends meet. Anna with her lover does everything to help and support Krystyna who starts to make her first steps in a career of an actress. The main conflict is the interchange of fortunes between Anna and Krystyna. Viewers observe the inner struggle in Anna’s soul and desire to change the state of affairs, her deep feelings and the conflict of them. The woman is not ready to give everything that could be hers and here the author enlightens one of the most difficult situations when the prot?g? becomes better than the teacher and replaces her.

This film is worth watching as the heroine shows strong emotions and plays her role incredibly. While watching the movie, the viewers do not just enjoy the plot, they have an ability to feel what the actress wanted to express and this is the most important thing to consider when people choose the film to watch.

She's So Lovely by Nick Cassavetes

She's So Lovely was presented in 1997 and showed the uneasy story of relationships between people. It includes people that play not the last roles and have influence. The plot enterprises the role of actions people commit while being affected by some great emotional shock. Some events make people weak and direct them to make the things they deeply regret in their further life.

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Eddie Quinn is a husband, whose wife Maureen is uncontrolled and does not want to obey, even being completely wrong. Her way of life is not excellent, and she cannot get rid of bad habits even being pregnant. The role of Eddie was represented very true to life as the actor displays really deep emotions and reflections of the state of hurt soul. Eddie has a neural breakdown and murders a man. He spends about ten years out of his house and the viewers can observe the uneasy way of rehabilitation after such episode. The director must have experienced some difficulties in showing the eternal problem of a love triangle, determining the fact it was showed many times. The troubles appear between two men, who seem to be in love with the same woman. It even figures out that the conflict is based more on the desire of people for justice and unwillingness to face some situations in life. The director handled a challenging task of enlightening the selfish nature of all people. Here one can see the uneasy situation and is able to recognize real emotions which are performed very accurately and fabulously by the main actors.

The development of the plot is embarrassing and exciting. The viewers are willing to know what happens next, and this is a perfect feature which means that the message of the film director is received.

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