Response Paper Marriage Promotion

Date: Jan 11, 2019


Marriage is the desire of two loving hearts to spend the rest of their lives together. However, it is not only the most romantic civil act, but also a responsible decision made by two people who create a new social unit. After pronouncing those cherished “I do” and vowing to support each other and care no matter what, the not only make commitment to one another, but the society as well.

Decision to get Married

Despite the fact that about the half of all marriages end up with divorce, which brings a lot of stress, material and mental damage and, as a result, a complete disappointment in the whole idea, the institution of marriage is still the most welcome conclusion of the romantic relationship. A decision to get married means that two people are ready to commit to each other, trust the partner with their own life, and share feelings, dreams, and memories. Let us not forget that, first of all, marriage should make people happy, even considering the large number of divorces.

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One cannot disagree with the idea that matrimony actually disciplines the relationship of the couple. The more happy marriages there are, the more advantages the society gets. Therefore, the spousal is socially promoted as a healthy development of the relationship. To my mind, the idea of using the welfare funds to promote marriage is totally justified. It creates a great opportunity to not only help people, who meet some problems solemnizing their marriage or have doubts about it, but also support the matrimonial institution and increase the general welfare of the society.

The Utah website that promotes marriage is a great source of information, which can help to build a strong healthy relationship or not ruin what one already has. However, in this response paper i would add a little more advices from a practical experience based on the concrete advices.

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