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Date: Nov 22, 2018
Category: Sport Category

The Challenge

This project is to make a marketing plan of AA Basketball team on YouTube/ TV part. In order to make a comprehensive tangible marketing plan of AA Basketball teams, first, we need to establish what makes AA Basketball team. It is important to note that AA Basketball team appeared because of the formation of the National Collegiate Athletic Association counsel by the U.S.A College Basketball, which came up with and governs basketball games. The basketball team of the NCAA is then divided into divisions that give rise to Division one, Division 2 and Division 3. In addition, it is important to acquire video recordings of some of the recent games the teams have emerged victorious and latest major achievements.

Situation Analysis

To make a good marketing plan for AA Basketball, we need to figure out its culture, establish the team’s strengths and weaknesses and how to tackle them, and most importantly, its market share. To start with, we have to figure out how a person can be able to grab a position at the NCAA Basketball team. For one to be accepted into any of the NCAA basketball divisions, he or she has to be approved by the eligibility centre of the association. The NCAA Eligibility centre determines if the interested party in question is fit for joining any of the divisions basing on their academic certifications. They are supposed to have passed the minimum legislated academic requirements for them to fit in any of the divisions and the interested party in question should not have jeopardized their amateur status as stated by their amateurism certification. However, it is vital to note that the initial academic requirement overview is not unitary in all the NCAA basketball divisions, they vary from one division to the other. One has to earn an opportunity to train, compete and even be given any financial assistance by the association as a freshman in the NCAA Division one. The requirements is that the person be a graduate from a high school, should have attained the minimum required grade point average in the 16 key required courses and, in addition, the party should earn a combined inclusive SAT or ACT sum that goes hand in hand with the required grade point average of 16 in the core courses. However, anyone who is interested in joining the NCAA basketball teams, but does not meet the academic requirements for the NCAA Division one, can be considered for Division two if they satisfy the following requirements. Firstly, they are graduates from a high school; they have attained a 2 grade point average in the 14 approved key core courses and have earned a combined SAT where they have attained a minimum score of 820 or either way they may have attained an ACT sum where they have been able to score at least 68. Such a person will be allowed to join Division two since there is no sliding scale for this division. (Freedman 2002)

The NCAA Basketball teams undergo intensive training that guarantees their epic performances in their endeavors and whichever competition they go to. The training they undergo ranges from sprinting in shuttle runs where they employ the use of cones placed at least 20m apart, vertical jumps that may entail the simple squat jumps and according to research, it has been deduced that a typical NCAA basketball player from division one can jump up to 75 cm in the vertical jump test if it was carried out. They also use the agility drill technique which is almost the same to shuttle runs only that the players run both forwards and backwards and also keep changing directions, weighted ball press, whereby it requires at least two basketball players passing the basketball forth and back while performing lateral jumps simultaneously among others. In addition to the previously mentioned exercises, the gym is the other crucial place for the training. Having gone through this intensive training, basketball players are aerobically in great shape, this helps them to build and maintain a great lean physique, high speed, quick reflexes, agility and keep focus at all times during and out of the game. (Becker & Weisberg 2008)

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Keeping in mind the above training exercises by the NCAA Basketball teams, as part of the marketing plan, it is important to note and bring to notice of the targeted persons some of the outstanding victories of the NCAA Basketball teams. We have various men teams which have the most victories in the NCAA Basketball and just to highlight a few among the top ten, we have colleges such as Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, Syracuse, Temple respectively from the first one to the 6th one. On the other hand, we have women teams with most victories that are in NCAA Basketball teams and they include Tennessee, Louisiana Tech, Old Dominion, James Madison, Stephen f. Austin respectively among others.

Customer Analysis

At this point of the marketing plan, we feature who the customers are, and how they are recruited. The players targeted are the students who are about to graduate from high school or junior college. In most cases, when we try to figure out how the process of recruiting is done, we find out that, it entails mostly the respective coaches offering an athletic scholarship to these students. However, in some cases, especially those that involve recruitment from lower division universities, no scholarship is offered to such students but they are allowed to play in order to be able to pay for their tuition, housing and book fees. Therefore, it is clear that in order to be considered a potential student for the recruitment of the NCAA basketball teams, as a student, a coach or a representative person must approach you from a college institution that participates in the NCAA athletic program. The NCAA rules and guidelines provide the essential information on how they can contact the potential players to be recruited, for instance, letters, calls and interpersonal communication have been specifically limited to a particular period when you can expect them to make such communication. In addition, the association has created and specified periods of recruitment; that is the recruitment periods when recruitment is carried out and non-recruitment periods. During the recruitment period, the institutions involved during this type of recruiting players always aim to comply with the legislation that governs the NCAA to ensure that principles of integrity and fairness are upheld to make sure that the specific chances are awarded to those players who actually deserve them in an unbiased process. To make this process a success, the NCAA rules define specifically the people to be involved in the recruiting process, the dates when these recruitments should be done and also state under which conditions the process should be carried out. It aims to ensure that the institution, student and parents are well informed about the decision during recruitment.

Promotion and Benefits

With the NCAA Basketball teams, there are many advantages associated with being on one of the teams. To start with, the basketball players get to go to many foreign trips. For instance, in 2010, Kentucky basketball team went to Canada where they finished among the final four. During the 2009-10 seasons, Michigan made its way to Belgium during their summer trip where they performed exceptionally and earned the NCAA Tournament. The international tours, for instance, the ones mentioned, they had a significant impact on the overall performances of the teams. From a simple survey conducted recently, it was found out that a random sample of 27 teams selected, which made these foreign trips between 2006 and 2010, recorded an additional two wins of the games they won that current year relative to the previous year. Out of this sample of teams, it was further found out that 16 of those teams increased their number of victories, 8 of them declined their total number of victories while 3 of them remained the same. In general, they recorded remarkable performance. It also helps promote cultural tolerance and help eliminate racism by providing an environment where players from whichever races converge and play together towards achieving victory together regardless of their races.

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In addition, the NCAA Basketball teams receive sponsorships from various renowned companies and foundations. We have seen sponsorships from Jordan and Adidas among others. For instance, we have seen Jordan sponsor North Carolina basketball team. There are many benefits that come along with these sponsorships, such benefits include sponsors, catered for their financial needs among others.


Addressing the challenge on how to provide an effective sport marketing plan, we have come up with necessary information that is relevant to the targeted population which comprises of potential players in high schools who are about to graduate. Having stated the rules and guidelines, the procedures followed for anyone to be recruited, the academic requirements and benefits associated, we have to avail several video recordings that cover recent sporting activities and then upload them to YouTube, the TV area where anyone looking for information about AA Basketball team can find it.

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